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Alp Nano Bio International School 2
January 11-15, 2010, Sterzing (Bolzano, Italy)

LATEMAR (Laboratorio di Tecnologie Elettrobiochimiche Miniaturizzate per l'Analisi e la Ricerca) Provincia Autonoma di Trento Università degli Studi di Trieste CIBIO - Centro Interdipartimentale per la Biologia Integrata Associazione Italiana di Scienza e Tecnologia Politecnico di Torino Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di Biofisica

Micro and nanotechnologies in cancer diagnostics and therapy


M. Amichetti    download abstract
ATreP-Provincial Agency for Proton Therapy, Trento, Italy

link Proton radiation therapy in oncology
link ATREP

M. Barbareschi/S.Fasanella download abstract (.pdf)
S.S. Patologia Molecolare
U.O. Anatomia Patologica
S. Chiara Hospital, Trento, Italy

link S.Chiara Hospital

R. Ellis-Behnke download abstract
Rutledge Ellis-Behnke is Associate Director of the Technology Transfer Office at the University of Hong Kong, as well as Professor at the University's Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine: Department of Anatomy; State Key Lab for Brain and Cognitive Sciences; and Research Centre of Heart, Brain, Hormone and Healthy Aging. He is also a Research Affiliate in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences department at MIT. His primary interest is using nanobiotechnology to reconnect disconnected parts of the central nervous system (CNS). His discovery of the use of nanotechnology to repair the brain, as well immediately stop bleeding anywhere in the body.

M.I. Boamfa download abstract (.pdf)

Senior Researcher, Molecular Diagnostic Group Philips Research Europe - Eindhoven High Tech Campus 12 a, WADp 114 5656 AA Eindhoven, The Netherlands

A. Bravin download abstract
Alberto Bravin got a PhD in Physics at the University of Trieste (Italy) on the development of X-ray phase contrast imaging. In 1999, he joined the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble (France) and since 2003 he has been in charge of the Bio-medical beamline ID17. At the ESRF, he is leading the preclinical phase contrast imaging programs applied to mammography and cartilage studies and the in-house research program on Microbeam Radiation Therapy applied to brain tumors. He co-authored more than 60 peer-reviewed papers.

F. Bussolino download abstract
Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment, University of Torino, Italy

link Research Group

M. Colombatti download abstract
Department of Pathology, Section of Immunology, University of Verona, Italy)
Confirmed Associate Professor, Section of Immunology, Department of Pathology, University of Verona. Science-disciplinary MED/04 (Patologia Generale). His research concerns the mechanisms of action of conjugated antibody / ligand-toxin with particular attention to possible applications nell'immuno-therapy of brain tumors. his studies also concern  about biological and functional cells derived from brain tumors. More recently, his research has been devoted to the study of immunotoxins anti-prostate cancer and experimental aspects concerning the mechanisms of T-lymphocyte response and the functional interaction between T MBP-specific and human astrocytes.

P. Coser download abstract
Emeritus Head of  Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant Division, Hospital Bolzano
President Lega per la lotta contro i tumori BOLZANO

A. Cuppoletti download  abstract
Andrea  Cuppoletti is the Chief Technical Officer  at Molecular Stamping where he’s directing the efforts towards the development of a novel technology to generate DNA microarrays.  Dr. Cuppoletti joined MS from Affymetrix where he was a Scientist in the Chemistry Department developing alternative and improved photoactivatable protecting groups  for the photolithographic synthesis of high density DNA arrays. More recently he was in the group that developed a novel technology for fabrication of DNA arrays with sub-micron feature sizes. Prior to that Andrea had held a postdoctoral research associate position at Stanford University, working on the synthesis and design of non natural nucleosides and their use as either fluorescent tags or  probes for polymerase fidelity requirements. Andrea received his Laurea degree from the University of Rome and MS and PhD from the University of Rochester.
link Molecular Stamping

A. Diaspro download abstract (.pdf)
LAMBS-MicroScoBio, University of Genoa & Italian Institute of Technology, Italy

Alberto Diaspro is at the University of Genoa in the Applied Physics area. His research aims at the study of biological molecules signals in cells using 3D, confocal and multiphoton fluorescence microscopy, FRET, FRAP, FLIM, single molecule imaging, scanning probe microscopy, polarized light scattering, nano-bio-robot, bioimaging, optical nanoscopy approaches. He joins IFOM (FIRC Foundation, Milan) MicroScoBio (Genoa), the Institute of Biophysics of the National Research Council (IBF-CNR) and he is currently head of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).
link curriculum
link Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

G. Fassina download abstract
Xeptagen - Life Nanotechnology - Life Biotechnology
XEPTAGEN SpA is engaged in the discovery and validation of novel
molecular markers in order to produce innovative diagnostic kits for the
early detection, monitoring, and screening of cancerous cells. By
exploiting the natural immune response to early stage cancer and the
proprietary platform technology Combinatorial Proteomic®, XEPTAGEN has
discovered specific tumor markers that lead to an earlier and much more
accurate detection of developing carcinomas. Our mission includes
creating innovative tools that improve the diagnostic accuracy for cancer
and the clinical management of cancer patients.
Giorgio Fassina PhD, CEO, Chief Scientific Officer & Founder - has a doctoral degree in Bio-organic Chemistry from Padua University. In 1984, he started his scientific career as a Visiting Associate at the National Institute of Arthritis, Diabetes and Digestive Diseases (NIADDK) and later at the National Cancer Institute (NCI, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA) dealing with proteomic approaches to cancer. At the end of 2001, Mr. Fassina founded Xeptagen, where he is currently the CEO
and Chief Scientific Officer.
..learn more..

B. Fubini download abstract
Bice Fubini is full Professor of Chemistry in the Faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Torino, .
She has developed studies on the chemical basis of the toxicity of solid materials, mainly inhaled particles, and is currently the Head of the Interdipartimental Center “G.Scansetti” for Studies on Asbestos and other Toxic Particulates, which coordinates research & formation activities carried out in a large spectrum of departments, form earth sciences to occupational medecine and epidemiology. She is also a member of the scientific council of the Interdepartmental Center for Nanostructured Interfaces and Surfaces (NIS).
Department of Chemistry IFM University of Turin, Italy

P. Gasparini download abstract
University of Trieste /IRCCS Burlo Garofalo Italy

Paolo Gasparini, MD, specialised in Hematology and in Medical Genetics is professor of Medical Genetics at the Department of Reproductive sciences, University of Trieste, Italy, and responsible for the Medical Genetics Service at Burlo Garofolo Children Hospital (Trieste)
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link  BurloGarofolo Hospital

M. Gion download abstract
Director of the Regional Center biochemical markers of cancer - Dipartimento di Patologia Clinica, AULSS 12 Veneziana) 

C. Graiff\E. Vattemi download abstract
Oncology Department,  Hospital Bolzano, Italy

link  Oncology Department Hospital Bolzano

S. Krol download abstract
Dr. Silke Krol, senior scientist and head of the NanoBioMed group at LANADA (Laboratory for Nanodiagnostics, Drug delivery and Analysis), has been nominated researcher
of the month ...
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link CBM S.c.r.l. laboratory for Nanodiagnostics, drug delivery and analysis
link curriculum

L. Luzzatto
SCIENTIFIC DIRECTOR of Istituto Toscano Tumori (ITT).
The Istitute conducts fundamental, clinical
and traslational research on cancer. ITT is responsible for state-of-the-art
treatment for all individuals with cancer in Tuscany, (Italy)

M. Morpurgo download abstract

University of padova link
Head of A.n.a.n.a.s. Nanotech
link A.n.a.n.a.s. Nanotech
link ..learn more

P. Netti download abstract


M. Ponzoni download abstract
Laboratory of Oncology, Institute G. Gaslini Genoa Italy
link Istituto Giannina Gaslini
link news


A. Quattrone download abstract
Centre for Integrative Biology, University of Trento, Italy

Associate Professor, Area 05 - Biological Sciences, Sector BIO/13 - Applied Biology; CiBio-Director of Integrative Biology Interdisciplinary Center, housed within the Department of Engineering and Computer Science and the Faculty of the University of Trento. Research: Mechanisms of epigenetic modulation of gene expression. Translational control of gene expression from a perspective of systems biology. Role of protein elav / Bruno sequence-specific translational control of gene expression in physiology and human pathology. Applications of metabolomics in systems biology and biomedicine. Bioinformatics approaches to the interpretation of transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics data. 

link   Laboratory of Translational Genomics
CIBIO  University of Trento

G. Scoles download abstract
International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)/Elettra, Trieste Italy).

Giacinto Scoles is a European & North American chemist and physicist who is best-known for his pioneering development of molecular beam methods for the study of weak van der Waals forces between atoms, molecules, and surfaces. He developed the cryogenic bolometer as a universal detector of atomic and molecule beams that not only can detect a small flux of molecules, but also responds to the internal energy of the molecules. This is the bases for the optothermal spectroscopy technique which Scoles and others have used to obtain very high signal-to noise and high resolution ro-vibrational spectra.
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G.P. Tonini download abstract
Translational Pediatric Oncology,  National Cancer Research Institute, Genoa, Italy

link curriculum
link Research Institute

F. Uggeri
Bracco S.p.a. download abstract
Graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies at University of Pavia (Italy) in 1977, has begun his activity in a small enterprise producing fine chemicals. Later, as post-doc fellow at the University of Chicago, he improved his knowledge in chemical reactivity studying cage molecule chemistry and therefore come back to Italy, as researcher to Zambon Chimica. From then, he begun his activity in Bracco Group, covering the role of Researcher, as well as Director of Research Center of Bracco Group, role that he currently plays. He is author of 55 articles published on the most important scientific magazines and inventor in 40 international patent applications.  Moreover, he deals relationships with the Institutions, both at national and international level. In 2005, Mr. Uggeri was given the Sapio Award for the research and the industrial innovation.
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link  Bracco Centro Ricerche
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