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Lipid-based functional surfaces


Research topics: Lipid-based functional surfaces

Surface coating of inorganic/organic materials with lipid layers for:

  • 1) realizing localized drug delivery systems;
  • 2) creating biomimetic surfaces with non fouling properties;
  • 3) creating active surfaces with functional chemical groups;
  • 4)  studying protein surface interactions

Main feature

  • mono-multilayer formation and deposition
  • lipid structures loading with active agents
  • protein adhesion inhibition
  • molecular detection
  • surface analysis using complementary techniques


Main Challenges

  • surface control of molecular interactions
  • membrane protein study
  • bacterial infection inhibition
  • biomimetic functional material development


  • to obtain surfaces with functional groups using biocompatible molecules
  • to study protein surface interactions
  • to realize antibacterial barrier for biomaterial applications


  • Istituto di Biofisica del CNR (Trento)
  • Università di Brescia
  • Università di Ljubljana