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Development of materials and testing for biochip


Research topics: Development of materials and testing for biochip

Surface analysis and chemical modification of silicon-based materials for the development of a lab-on-chip capable to perform a genetic analysis from the extraction of genomic blood DNA to the genetic identification of specific mutations and/or SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism).

Main feature

  • genomic DNA isolation
  • DNA amplification trough PCR reaction
  • method miniaturization
  • surface analysis using complementary techniques
  • biological testing


Main Challenges

  • biocompatibility
  • material and biomolecule interactions
  • new tools for biotecnology
  • stimulate collaborations among industrial and scientific partners



  • to develop molecular diagnostic system more effective with respect to the already in use methods
  • to understand the interface phenomena
  • to develop a prototype
  • to attract industrial collaborations



  • LATEMAR consortium (Olivetti Jet, Biodiversity, Telethon, Politecnico di Torino, Università di Bologna, Verona, Brescia e Piacenza)