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New material for microelectronics


Research topics

Analytical methodology development to characterize new materials as high-k dielectrics, low–k interconnection insulator and
polymer. Large part of sample evolution follows specific industrial process development.

Analytical methodology development for dopant distribution determination in semiconductor materials. The work is focused
on ultra shallow junction in order to determine dopant diffusion mechanisms and their distribution towards the surface.

Main feature

  • Complementary analytical technique (physicochemical and morphological properties)
  • Intriguing both from a fundamental and an applied physic point of view
  • Front-end & back end technology


Main Challenges

  • Latest technology generation
  • Wide range of candidate materials
  • Significant both scientific and industrial interest
  • Valuable info provided by surface analytical tecnique in addressing complex reactive systems



  • Development of advanced surface analytical techniques
  • Collaboration with industrial partners to give state-of-art answer on technological problems
  • Understand underlying surface phenomena