National Excellence Laboratory
Laboratory of Miniaturized Electrobiochemicals Techniques for Analysis and Research

Main features

  • Centre of Excellence funded by MIUR (through FIRB 2003-2004 grants) for public and private research structures operating in strategic fields for the Nation
  • Project duration: 2005 to 2009
  • 9 research projects
  • 15 Research Units and Companies involved
  • Budget: around 15 M€
  • Coordinator: Turin Polytechnic

coordinator of the surface science topics
coordinator of the carbon material project
leader of the research activity related to DNA extraction material development
leader of the research activity related to the PCR compatibility

Main Challenges

Merges and coordinates Centres of Excellence in the basic research related to the development of micro and nano-devices and sensors for
genomics and post-genomics together with R&D centres of extremely qualified Companies
  • Perform research and development on different levels, from advanced research topics to industry targeted devices.


  • Integration of different disciplines and competences, from engineering to surface physics and biotechnology.
  • Development of highly integrated systems to perform quickly and automatically several complex biochemical analysis
  • Long term vision: a business plan integrated distributed laboratory