Biofunctional Materials





  • Development and application of new methodologies andanalytical techniques for surface characterization in thefield of nano and biomaterials

  • Study of the interdependence between the surfaceproperties and the biological environment at molecular level

  • Development of novel surfaces and interfaces with improvedperformances in bio-related applications (biofunctional materials)

Methods used

  • Analytical infrastructure for high resolution surface analysis (chemico-physical and morphological characterization,biophysical techniques)
  • Application of molecular biology and cellular biology techniques to surface related issues
  • Biochemical techniques


Areas of Expertise

  • Analytical methodologies development
  • Focused application of characterization activity on advanced microelectronics
  • Material surface modification through wet chemistry
  • DNA and protein immobilization
  • DNA isolation and amplification in miniaturized systems
  • Protein/surface interactions